CAMINAR, book review and giveaway

CAMINAR, written by Skyla Brown.  It is a new release from Candlewick Press that tells the story of Carlos, a Guatemalan country boy, forced to become a man in order to escape from Communist Military Forces. Carlos is forced to understand the value of life and how easily it can be taken away. He suddenly awakens to the reality of his town being destroyed, and the loss of his family and friends.


This book is a very well written work, that narrates in a poetic form how Rural Guatemala was affected during the Guatemalan Civil war.  It amazes me the author’s ability to let the reader follow a harsh subject in such a musical way.  Even though the book can be read in a couple of hours, it is worth to read it slowly, enjoy and savor the narration and story.

The book is geared for ages 10 years and older, but I think the reader should be mature enough to be able to understand the subject.  I originally thought I would share it with my older boy, but I decided to hold off a bit, not because he won’t understand it, but because I do not want him to be exposed to some things quite yet.  I am sure when the time comes, he will be mature enough to understand the subject and enjoy the book.

This book is written in English but it has Spanish words incorporated in the narrative. The Glossary at the end allows the reader to understand words and expressions used in the book.  It also has a Q&A with the author section, allowing the reader to place the story in Guatemalan History.

 The Give Away

The book is being released on March 25th..  You can find it on Amazon.  But I am hosting a book giveaway (2 copies) raffle drawing.
You only have to leave a comment and tell me why you want this great book.  You can also comment on my Facebook page. The winners will be chosen Tuesday, April 2nd.  Thanks for participating!
Note- To be part of the giveaway you must be 18 years or older and live in the United States.


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  1. This book sounds great! I don’t know much about Guatemala’s history and this sounds like a great way to learn more! Sounds like a good book to use with Spanish classes to help them learn history and also some new Spanish words!

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