Welcome July with a Spanish Calendar

The month of July or Julio (in Spanish) is here. I bet you did not know this facts about Julio.

  • Julio was named in honor of Julius Cesar (Julio Cesar).  He was born in this month.  Before that it was caller Quintilis, fifth month in the previous ten month calendar.
  • Julio is the warmest month in the Northern hemisphere, and the coldest in the Southern hemisphere.  Yes, while I skype with my parents, they wear turtle necks and I am wearing sleeveless shirts.
  • I believe July is the month when Summer and Winter vacation is going on around the world.
  • The fact that Summer is here and Winter is there explains why the school year is switched in the Southern Hemisphere.  Yes they start the school year in February.

As every month here is the Calendario en Español for July.  Let your kids color it and fill in the dates.  Is a great way to learn the dates, the days and to count en Español; and of course to get organized.

july calendar

Calendario de Julio

The dates we want to remember are,  Día de Canadá, Día de la Independencia en los Estados Unidos (4th of July), and of course the final for the World Cup (July 13th).

Remember, do not let July go by without enjoying it!

God Bless you,


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