Buenos Dias y Buenas Noches Luna

It is time for the ABC’s of Spanish.

Do you recognize this picture?

good night moon


I bet you do, it has been read by so many children that I do not even need to say the name of it.  Just in case you do not know it. The book is Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  It is the perfect book to read to your toddler before going to bed, somehow it sets them up to say Buenas Noches.

I was thrilled to see a Spanish copy in our local library!  Of course I read it to my kids and I went ahead and made activities from the book to teach to my Spanish class.

 buenas noches luna

Reading the book and getting acquainted with the vocabulary:

I start the class reading the book to my students.  Usually the kids seem to be very comfortable with it since, in most cases, it has been read to them in the past.  I stop in the words I want them to learn in Spanish and make them repeat after me.  For instance, Buenas Noches, luna, vaca, ratoncito, gatito, globo rojo, mitones.

After I read the book I ask them to retell the story with as many Spanish words possible.  It is amazing how much participation I can get from them.

Then I say: “if we say Buenas Noches before going to sleep then we say….. Buenos Dias when we get up!”

It is fun to let them pretend to go to sleep when I say Buenas Noches, make an alarm beep and they respond Buenos Dias!  A few times of repeating the game and they know it.

I also teach them this song to the rhythm of Fray Felipe

Buenos días, buenos días  (Good Morning)

¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo estas? (How are you?)

Muy bien, Muy bien. (Very well)

Gracias, gracias (Thank you)
Y usted, y usted  (And you)

Potential activities from the book

  • Nuevas Palabras.- Vocabulary
  • Articulos (feminine and masculine articles).- For instance, la vaca, el ratón, la luna, la papilla, una viejecita, los tres osos, etc.)
  • Colores.- the book has bright pretty colors that they can learn.
  • La Hora.- Tell me the time and practice your numbers
  • Saludos (Greetings).- Buenos Dias, Buenas Tardes y Buenas Noches

To tell the time in Spanish, I created a fun three page activity clock to use with the book

First page Reloj

relojThe next page has the Buenos Dias and Buenas tardes page, that includes the song.

buenos dias y buenas tardes page

And finally the third page includes pictures of the story with the vocabulary learned.

buenas noches luna page


For the booklet: B for buenos dias, buenas tardes y buenas noches luna

You also can find more activities in my TPT store.


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