Bringing Mexico Children a special Christmas

When I learned that Latino author Reyna Grande, is organizing a Toy giveaway for children in Iguala, Guerrero; my heart gave a jump. I think it is great idea to give to children that really need extra love during this time of the year.


This data, I found it in the go fund post that Reyna opened,

  • Children Iguala, Guerrero in Southern Mexico are living in a place full of poverty, violence, and instability.
  • Since September 2014, when 43 college students were forcibly disappeared, things have gone from bad to worse.
  • About 60 mass graves have been found around Guerrero.
  • Cartel gangs have been fighting for control of the area.
  • Iguala is surrounded by poppy fields to supply the huge demand for heroin in the US.

When I read the data above, my heart broke and my desire to help her grew.  Do you want to help?   Do you want to express your gratitude through giving?  Do you want to give a smile to more than 700 Mexican children?

To donate, click here. After Monday, November 30th, you can donate to Reyna Grande website.

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