Bolivia in a Child’s eyes

What makes me smile is people that have visited Bolivia and loved it. Some loved it so much that decided to live there. Others loved it and still remember it today. Others, like my husband, loved it so much that he married a Bolivianita.

My son takes so much pride in being a Bolivian!  Last week he had a presentation in his Geography class and he chose to talk about Bolivia. We baked some Bolivian goodies for the class to try. He did not miss the opportunity to talk about his time down there. He talked about the altitude, talked about the flag, talked about the cities, the currency and the people. Somehow children’s eyes see life with a different perspective. They do not see the inconveniences presented, instead they see opportunities.

A clear example of what I say was written beautifully by Mary Anne from She experience life in Bolivia as a child. When I read her post, it brought joy to my soul, because I could see my country through kid’s artistic eyes.

I lived in La Paz, Bolivia with my family from the summer of 1992 to the summer of 1994. We arrived when I was 12, and left the day after my 14th birthday. The 9,840-13,450 ft elevation of this city (depending where you are; our home was a little over 12,000 ft above sea level) makes for very few trees and bleak mountains that reminded my family of photographs of the moon.
My mother brought a bunch of Sculpey Polymer Clay with us, and my 7-8-year-old sister R and I spent hours trying to capture images of the local Aymara and Quechua people, who we greatly admired. I found these pieces at my grandma’s house in Utah last week, and thought it would be fun to share them here. They are quite tiny – that’s my grandmother’s carpet they are sitting on!
Two Bolivians watch over their alpacas
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Next time I visit my country I will do what Mary Anne’s mommy did. I will bring some clay and see what their perception of my country is. I think it is a wonderful way to keep memories alive!


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5 thoughts on “Bolivia in a Child’s eyes

  1. My family has lived in Bolivia for 8.5 years – we came with an 11 year old and a 12 year old and now for work reasons we need to leave. Our 20 and 21 year olds will stay here – our daughter will marry a Bolivian and they are both at University here. We leave with our two adopted 5 year old Bolivian daughters. We hope to save for the next few years and return to start our own business. Our hearts remain in Bolivia it is our ‘home’.

    • Oh Tracey, How sweet your words are. I hope you may go back to Bolivia soon. One of our goals was to return to Bolivia, it has not happened and sometimes I wonder if it just a dream. Wish you the best and thanks for loving Bolivia. It is a beautiful country.

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