Bienvenido Mayo

I have to apologize for writing this post on May 4rd, I supposed I greeted Mayo while camping with my family. No internet, no cellphones just my family together celebrating life and welcoming Mayo!.

May is a very beautiful Month in this hemisphere, all the April showers prepared May flowers.  You can see really dress up fields with colorful nature popping up.  More baby animals everywhere, and of course the pasture is already green and growing.  Do not forget to add to your to do list mowing grass!  In my case gardening and vegetable gardening is a must, the men will take care of the grass.

may calendar

Dates to remember in May.

May First.- International Labor Day, I still do not know why the States does not celebrate this holiday with the rest of the world, if social movements in Chicago Illinois were the ones to set precedent for this Holiday.

Cinco de Mayo, I supposed mis amigos Mexicanos celebrated it during the weekend, just in case Happy Cinco de Mayo for the Mexicans.

Did you know that the Month of May celebrates mothers around the world?  Mothers in the USA will have their “Día de la Madre” celebration the second weekend of May. Bolivian Mothers will celebrate on the 27th of May.  Dominican and French mothers will celebrate the last Sunday of the month, along with other countries.

May 26th is Día de los Caídos, or Memorial Day.  This date is by far one Holiday that makes me reflect about the fragility of life.  I like to pay tribute to the ones that gave their lives for freedom.

Well, and as always I have my  Calendario de Mayo so you can download it and print it.

Again sorry for the late post and have a happy May Month!!!


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