Bienvenido Marzo! Another Month and a few things to remember

Hi there!

I can not believe it is already March!  Just 19 days to Primavera.  I am all ready for it, it feel like we had a super long winter, with very cold days and of course extra snow.  Now, it is time to plan a new month and to fill in the blanks of another calendar.

Attached you will find el Calendario de Marzo, yes the Month of March calendar, in two versions.  A complete calendar and an empty calendar so the dates can be introduced daily by your kid. It is amazing how much they learned from daily repetition.

calendar picture

Important dates of Marzo are,

  • 2 de Marzo: Dr. Seuss Birthday
  • 5 de Marzo, Miércoles de Ceniza
  • 9 de Marzo: Comienza el Horario de Verano en USA
  • 17 de Marzo: Día de San Patricio
  • 19 de Marzo: Día del Padre en algunos países de Latino América.
  • 20 de Marzo: Empieza la PRIMAVERA!

Wish you the best in this month,




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