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Many schools started classes last month.  In this Spanglish house we started last week.  A whole full year of knowledge, fun and surprises are awaiting for us!  Of course this year will have more Spanish because kiddos are growing and Spanish is more spoken en esta casa. We start our school days with a Calendar, in that way we can,

  • be aware of time, place and space.
  • count days, months and even seasons.
  • Work on graphs.
  • Have a routine and,
  • schedule future events.

In a few words, a calendar helps us to be ORGANIZED.  this year I have improved our Spanish calendar with this features,

  • The calendar has a space to write the date and daily temperature.
  • It has a key to know how many days there are in each month
  • A counting table (numeral and literal).
  • A table to complete and write the numbers.
  • Tables to complete and counting by 1s,2s….. till 10s.  All in Spanish

It is the perfect instrument to use at home or in a school setting.   Whether you homeschool or not, it is so important to teach your kids the use of a calendar while counting daily, and the best, all in Spanish.

Here a sample of the booklet.calendario1contando hasta 100numero de dias.

Click on  calendario to download the librito to count every day en Español.

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