Celebrating my heritage with traditional remedies


Hispanic Heritage Month is here again!  And as always, I am celebrating with my Multicultural Kids Blogs friends the beauty and diversity of Hispanics in the USA.  This time to share about typical home remedies in my Spanglish-house. When I first met my mother in law she was absolutely fascinated by how much I would use home remedies to…
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Alpacas, My Favorite New Neighbors


Everyday when I go outside I have the joy to greet my favorite neighbors.  They are soft, gentle, clean and very, very cute.  I heard around the vines that if they get mad, they spit. They are 44 in number.  And they are also originary from the Andes.  Some of them are Peruvian descendants and others are Bolivian…
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Salteñas, the Bolivian Empanadas

Bolivian Empanada AKA Salteña

Many readers have asked me about Salteñas recipe, and the truth Salteñas are one of the yummiest snack food Bolivia has.  I thought that this month perhaps is the best opportunity to share this recipe with you, and together we can celebrate Hispanic Heritage. But what a Salteña is? Wikipedia defines it as,  “A salteña…
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