April’s fool day activities in my Spanglish House

I have never been much of a joker.   Well, life brings many jokes to our life and we must learn to laugh. Parenthood makes us funny, silly and sometimes a bit tontitos.

Today is April’s Fools Day, my kids do not know anything about it.  I supposed I could just skip the day and not say a thing about it.  Or I could make it a learning experience.

I found this pretty cool activity book in Teacher’s Pay Teachers website, and is all FREE!

april's fool cover

Another option is to do some baking.

brownies 1

Or perhaps, play a little bit with expressions en Español and tell them some language jokes, like these ones I found on Pinterest 

I could show a few Spanish cartoon jokes to my Inocentes Palomitas

inocente palomita

About Fruits and Vegetables.


Animales, deliciosopez

Y algunas con mi Bolivia,

capitan AMericagarfields

Let’s see how it goes, anyway, it should be fun!

And you, what do you do on April’s Fool Day?


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