An interview to my children about me. It was Fun!

To celebrate mother’s day week and my own debut as a mother I interviewed my soon to become 9 year old and 5 year old children.

I did not do it at the same time and both did not know what was all about. My questions were in Spanish and their answers in English. I have to remember that it is OK, I know that their brains are bilingual, a few months in Bolivia and they will be speaking Spanish.

It was fun to listen to their answers, they made me think, laugh and reflect as a mother.

I could not help it but to think in what my mom used to tell me, “One day you will become a mother and  you will understand”.   For now, I am content, that they know that Mommy loves them.


Answer from a 5 year Old

Answer from a 8 year Old

¿Cómo se llama tu mamá?  (What is your mommy’s name?)  Mommy (and she hugs me)  Mamá, just  kidding Cecy Fencer
¿Cuántos años tiene tu mamá? (How old is she?) A lot (she shows me her 10 fingers)  A million, just kidding 37
 ¿Qué hace tu mamá todo el día?  (Do you know what your mom does all day?) Swims in the tub, counts, studies school,  she goes to the attic. (Did she mean I take baths, homeschool my children and work in the office?) Juega (plays), canta(sings), works, gives me hugs, kisses, tucks me in bed, have to deal with everybody, takes pictures, she plays Bolivian games.
¿Tu mami trabaja? (Does your mami work?)  No, she plays Yes, she teaches me and works in the attic.
¿Qué cosa juega? (What does she play?) Ring around the roses, Lobo Lobito. Bolivian games and gymnastics. (I do not do gymnastics, I think he wants me to do it though).
¿Es tu mami buena cocinera? (Is your mom a good cook?) No, she cooks too much oatmeal.  (She does not like oatmeal) Yes
¿Cómo puedes hacerle feliz a tu mama? (How can you make mami happy?)  Giving her a hug and a kiss.  Giving her gifts and sorpresas.
¿Cómo puedes hacerle infeliz? By doing wrong, picking on sister. Being disobedient, scaring her, making big messes.
Tu mami te ama? (Does your mama love  you?)  Yes!  Si!
¿Cómo sabes que te ama? (How do you know it?) Because I have seen her loving me.  Because I know it!
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2 thoughts on “An interview to my children about me. It was Fun!

  1. I love this Cecy. It really made me smile.


    I love how your 5 year old thinks you are 10. I remember when one of my kids were in preschool (I think it was my son) they asked how old Mommy is – and the kids said 10, 16, 5….


    Thanks for sharing! This is awesome!

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