Alpacas, My Favorite New Neighbors

Everyday when I go outside I have the joy to greet my favorite neighbors.  They are soft, gentle, clean and very, very cute.  I heard around the vines that if they get mad, they spit. They are 44 in number.  And they are also originary from the Andes.  Some of them are Peruvian descendants and others are Bolivian descendants.   Many people have told me, “I bet you do not miss Bolivia as much, since they moved over here.”  The truth, my neighbors do not remind me of Bolivia.  Instead, they remind me of how globalized the world is.  Even Alpacas can travel and plant their roots in a new land.  Yes, my new neighbors are Alpacas. I have the joy of seeing forty something roaming every day.  Alpacas are a joy to have around!

alpacasAlpacas, can be seen just in cold regions and high altitudes in Bolivia.  Country areas of Oruro, Potosi, La Paz are for sure regions that have Alpacas roaming around.  Bolivian alpacas look less manicured, however their natural beauty enlightens the arid scenario.  It is also very common to see young shepards taking care of the herd.  Alpacas are very docile and sweet, they are easy to handle and love being around people.   Sometimes I wonder how they feel in a lower altitude in the United States, or even in hot regions.  After all, they are originary from the Andes. Thirteen thousand feet and zero degrees Farenheit are nothing to them.  Whats more, I bet they really look forward to Winter in the States.

I took the kiddos to visit the Alpaca owners.  We all had a blast.  They also asked me if I miss Bolivia when I see the Alpacas.  I toldalpacas2 them they do not make me miss Bolivia.  Neither they help me to deal with nostalgia.  They remind me of the country region I never really knew.  I grew up in the city and Alpacas were just a reminder of being a campesino.  However, life is funny and I became a country girl.  A campesina, that has Alpacas across the street.  And this country girl is seriously consider to buy a few.  Perhaps Alpacas are the one Los Andes thing that identifies with the country girl I did not know slept in me.  They remind me of where I came from.  They remind me of the resilience I did not know I have.  There is not many Latinos around my town, and Bolivians are just impossible to find.  I guess the Bolivian immigrants moved to the city, to fulfill their American dream.   Or perhaps as somebody once told me a hacer patria, meaning to live our own culture.  As for me, I have become a bit of a country girl.   I am fulfilling that dream called destiny.


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