Al fin en casa, knock on the door.

Al fin en casa, is a very common saying in Spanish. Home at last!  What is it home to an immigrant?  I always refer to home when I talked about Bolivia. Perhaps because I feel more secure there?  Or, perhaps because my parents and siblings are still there?.

This is an anecdote it happened to us two months ago, and as always I used it as a teaching opportunity.

Very early in the morning, a completely unknown Latino knock on the door. He knew we speak Spanish and wanted us to talk to his boss about a work issue. My husband went with him and helped him with the translation, he took our eldest son with him.  Father and son felt bad for the man, because he was not able to communicate his needs.

The VERY SAME DAY, I was going about my normal Spanish routine. I asked for the Library books en Español and my son brought me a book called “Al fin en casa”. (Home at last).

“Al fin en casa”, is a very cute story that narrates the struggles than a Mexican lady goes through in the States, for not speaking English.  It is a book that makes you aware of the need for any immigrant to speak the language that is spoken in their new country. Finally, after taking English lessons and able to communicate her needs, she sighs with a smile “Al fin en Casa”.

Was it a coincidence that the man came the very same day we read the book?  I don’t think so. It felt like a field trip brought to our doors. Another perfect opportunity for teaching!

The kids were able to see,

  • The opportunity we have to help others if we speak more than one language.
  • The struggles the man was going through because of his lack  of English knowledge.
  • Mommy is not so crazy after all, she has a gift and wants to pass it on.

Since that day I don’t have to nag for my Spanish lesson as much. And like I said before, even  though I call Bolivia home, the reality is that home will be where ever I have to be, that is next to my esposito.  In English o en Español mi hogar está con ese gringuito 🙂

This is home for me, not where we are but what we are.

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