a time to reflect, love and enjoy my kids

The past week we did not do our Lecciones de Español, we did not do Lecciones de Piano, or Historia either.   The kids were tired, sickly and refused to follow my pace. I wanted to get things done, but we had a tough week, a week full of lessons.

My 8 year old son wrote a paragraph that stopped my agenda, shook my heart and encouraged my days.

Things to take camping

There are three important things to take camping; they are love, gear and food. The first thing that is important to take is love, love is very good and especially always better than grumpiness. The second thing good to bring is gear, because it will be important to use. Third important thing to bring is food, you could hunt food, but you could bring store food also.  In conclusion, I think that love, gear and food are fine things to take camping.

Well, that was a message for me, whether I go camping or homeschool, always three things will be required,

Love, shown through my attitude. Just a smile could have made a big difference in each one of their lives.

Gear, displayed through the lessons, and things we use in our school.

Food, I can always hunt or make a huge complicated meal, but I can also bring store food.

As long as I bring LOVE, I think things are going to go better. 1st Corinthians 13:1 comes to my mind as I write this,

“If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal,”

I think we will enjoy Semana Santa, we will stop, reflect and enjoy each other. We can always use Español or English but it will be always better to speak with love, as my son said it, love is very good and especially always better than grumpiness.

Have a Blessed week.

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2 thoughts on “a time to reflect, love and enjoy my kids

  1. Hey Cecy,

    You are right. I do the same thing. I get bogged down in the lessons and what we are accomplishing. I have just let go, and learned to enjoy. Yeah, we don’t nearly get enough done – but that’s the beauty of homeschool. Haha!

    Your son is brilliant – as most homeschoolers are. :). They are able to think outside the box. They are able to express themselves in ways you can’t even imagine. They are able to be real. I think that is the perfect paragraph – and tells very much.

    I just love this post!

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