4 L’s of Bilingualism

I love to read bilingual and mulitilingual bloggers New Year’s resolutions. My husband and I identify with so many of them.  Perhaps the fact that we are in the same bilingual boat as these blogger, makes us want to navigate to the same destination, which is, proficiency in the second language.  To tell you the truth, sometimes foreign language sailors, get lost in the ocean of bilingualism. To me, the boat is the resolution that keeps us moving to the destination. The fact is, whether we move or not depends on our consistency and discipline.  Sometimes the boat (plan)  breaks and since we are already committed to bilingualism we just keep swimming.  That might mean, keeping our heads out of the water while paddling, learning to swim so we do not drawn, or simply floating until another plan emerges.  One thing is for sure, we must not ever let the sailor sink.  The resolution might get lost, but the voyager needs to be immersed in the target language.

Here is a piece of advise that follows my metaphor. To be able to enjoy the  bilingual voyage, you must, love the language, live the language, laugh with the language and in the process you will learn the language.  I truly believe that this approach to bilingualism makes learning fun and has more of a natural approach.

4 L's of a language

What type of plan do you have?  Please, share your plan with me.  I find it fascinating to learn from fully bilingual families than enjoy the trip and love bilingual living.


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