Hispanic Meals to celebrate our Heritage

blog hop 2014

Is this time again to celebrate diversity in Latin America.  I am very excited to be part of the Multicultural Kids Blogs annual Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop.  Many bloggers got together and are not just having a super Giveaway; but also, we have a lot of fun articles that you can read about Hispanic Heritage and…
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Because everyday counts routine


Many schools started classes last month.  In this Spanglish house we started last week.  A whole full year of knowledge, fun and surprises are awaiting for us!  Of course this year will have more Spanish because kiddos are growing and Spanish is more spoken en esta casa. We start our school days with a Calendar, in…
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…. for a bucket of water. Project Hopeful Awassa

Virtual water bucket challenge

Me cayó como un balde de agua Fría! Is an expression in Spanish that denotes surprise.  I suppose a bucket of cold water poured on your head definitely sparks surprise.  And that is what it has been the Ice Bucket challenge – A campaign that started to raise awareness about ALS, and support former baseball player, Pete…
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Teaching a second language through culture

We received a bundle of clothes for the girls from a dear cousin.  As we were going through the bag, my daughter said, “Look, Malambo pants!”.   I stopped and thought, “What is she talking about?”  She was talking about this yellow pants that are very loose on the legs and that look a bit as a skirt.



She was remembering that when we studied Argentina, we talked about Malambo and La Zamba!  She remembered El Argentinian Gaucho that stomps and dances to the Malambo rhythm.  We studied Argentina at least a year ago, and she still remembers Malambo and Gauchos.


How fun is to travel to places without going anywhere!.  How fun is to study Spanish through cultural experiences!.  Did you know that immersion now a days can be a done deal thanks to the internet?

I have three questions for you

  • How do you teach other cultures to your kids?
  • How do you immerse your kids in other cultures?
  • How do you teach them the second language?