10 habits I have not changed living in the States

I was not born in this country.  I did not grow up here either, I grew up in the Andes, South America.  The last 11 years I have lived among Americans.  Whether I like it or not I have changed my habits.   I have become a bit Americanized; perhaps the language, the culture or simply both.  However, there are a few habits that I have not changed yet ice drink 1. Excess of ice in the drinks.  I like cold drinks, but not drinks that freeze my head, where half is ice and the other half is the drink. 2. Snacking habits, I like better 3 big meals than snacks spread between meals. 3. Small fast lunch,  I still eat a big lunch at lunch time. 4.  Not ready yet for super sweet pastries.  I usually do not buy pastries from stores, they are extremely sweet.  I am not saying they taste bad, just too sweet for me.  One thing I cannot refuse though is a good chocolate doughnut with coffee. frozen dinner5. I do not eat frozen dinners, perhaps because I work from home and I can make my own food?.  Eso si, I freeze some of my own veggies and meals. 6. I do not eat cold cereal.  I like a hot cereal, but cold cereal does not appeal to me.  Funny thing, I am the only one in my household that does not eat cold cereal. 7.  I do not run the AC unless is extremely hot. 8.  I do not find offensive the use of nick names. 9.  I still do not eat Ketchup.  I rather tomatoes or hot Bolivian sauce (llajua). 10. I do not mind when people asked me about my origin.  I find it an opportunity to make my Bolivian side glow, my skin shine and a chance to make a new friend.  And honestly I love to learn from other cultures, so sometimes I also make a few questions. I am not American, but I love this country with all its crazy habits!  Or perhaps, at this point I am the crazy one.


Lecciones aprendidas de la copa mundial

lessons from the wc

Cuando te conviertes en madre, cada cosa que pasa se convierte en lección para nuestros hijitos.  De repente queremos enseñarles todo y de todo, y hasta la mínima experiencia se convierte en una oportunidad. La Copa Mundial de Fútbol no fué la excepción, como familia vimos algunos partidos, exploramos un poco de Geografía, hicimos matemáticas y por…
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My beautiful La Paz

When people learned that my family lives in La Paz Bolivia, I receive comments like: “How high are you guys?” or, “Do not let professional teams play soccer in Bolivia right?”  Or better yet, Bolivia is the country with 2 Capitals right?

Yes La Paz is in the Highplanes, the Andes.  At an elevation of 3600 meters above see level (some places higher).   Yes, La Paz Stadium was vetoed by FIFA, since it is above 2500 masl.  And yes, Bolivia has 2 Capitals, the official Capital is Sucre, but the administrative Capital is La Paz.

Oh Linda La Paz, quien te conoce no olvida jamás!  It means, Oh beautiful La Paz, whoever knows you, will never forget you.

This slide show will present why I consider La Paz, one of the most unique places in the world.



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La Pas is built in the mountains. You can see the bowl of the city.


Summer Reading Bookmark en Español

bookmark 1

Reading has become a central activity in our home.  The kids specially look forward to Reading Programs we follow during our Summer vacation.  This year, we are doing the program at our local library and the Latinos 4 Latino Literature Summer Reading. They specially like the fact that they can include their Spanish / Latino literature…
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